Schools Gallery

Juniper loves to draw. In the city, she draws cacti and sedums in her grandmother’s glasshouse. Along the journey, in a few moments of respite, she draws faces: Etienne and Annie Rose; Cam, Queenie and Hester; Ghost.

I’ve been really thrilled to see some lovely work that classes have produced around Where the World Turns Wild, and it’s a great honour to showcase some of it here.

Teachers, parents, guardians – if the book inspires any drawings, writing or other creations from children and they don’t mind sharing their work, I’d love to see it!

Above: Diary entries, lynx pictures and mini-dens from Year 5 and 6 at Thorpe Willoughby Primary School, North Yorkshire. March 2021.

Below: Pictures and thought bubbles from Year 4 at Chiltern Primary School, Hampshire. March 2021.

Below: Visualisations, and inferring Juniper’s thoughts and feelings. From Primary 6/7 St Margaret’s RC Primary, Galashiel.

Below: Reading Gladiators work from Year 5 students at Knockhall Primary.