Where the World Turns Wild

Cover desgined by Sara Mognol and illustrated by Kate Forrester

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Animals, trees, flowers, our city forbids them all…

Juniper Green lives in a walled city from which nature has been banished, following the outbreak of a deadly man-made disease many years earlier. While most people seem content to live in such a cage, she and her little brother Bear have always known about their resistance to the disease, and dream of escaping into the wild. To the one place humans have survived outside of cities. To where their mother is.

When scientists discover that the siblings provide the key to fighting the disease, the pair must flee for their lives. As they journey into the unknown, they soon learn that there’s cruelty in nature as well as beauty. Will they ever find the home they’re searching for?


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“Some books are excellent story-telling, and some books broaden your knowledge and mind, and some just ought to be written and this book is all three. I loved it.” Hilary McKay

“A brilliant adventure that pulls you headlong into Juniper and Bear’s world, where survival depends upon finding the wild.” Gill Lewis

“Wondrous, warm-hearted, wildly exhilarating…” Nizrana Farook

“Where the World Turns Wild is a journey between extremes of grey and green, propelled by a bold and timely concept, and written with sharp, intelligent prose. A truly heartfelt and very striking novel.” Darren Simpson

“A sense of the natural world’s curative power runs through this adventurous story like a seam of gold.” The Guardian

Fierce sibling loyalty and an understanding of the beauties and perils of nature make this a tremendous dystopian adventure. New Statesman

A gripping adventure with a subtly delivered ecological message, Penfold’s beautifully judged novel pits a pair of resourceful siblings against ruthless human forces and the awesome dangers of an unknowable wilderness. Both dystopian thriller and eloquent hymn to nature, Where the World Turns Wild is bold, original children’s storytelling.” Waterstones